Monday, July 30, 2012

twenty fragments of a ravenous youth by xiaolu guo

The story follows Fenfang Wang during some of her years in Beijing. She moved there from an isolated village.

It was an interesting read... also an easy read. I read it on a walk (stopping to read one fragmented chapter at a time). It was bits and pieces of her 'youth'. Starting at age 21. Each chapter focused on something new, but still connected to the rest in some way or another.

I feel like she was pretty isolated in Beijing as well as her small town. It was interesting. I know nothing about life in China, and enjoy reading books that explain more about what people are going through or have gone through. Even if it's not about a 'real' character, that doesn't take away from the true history in the book. It was translated from Chinese to English.

I've usually read books about people who end up in other countries, so this one was a nice to change. I'll definitely save it for another read.

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