Saturday, June 14, 2014

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

Someday, Someday, Maybe By Lauren Graham

First of all, I love the characters Lauren Graham plays. Gilmore Girls and Parenthood are two shows that I LOVE. Gilmore Girls wins over most shows, and I will admit right now that I have watched the DVDs a lot. I found out she wrote a book through twitter because I follow her. In other words, I already have great trust in the actress as a writer.

I saw it in the bookstore one day, and even though, I think $18 is almost a ridiculous price to pay for a book, I was curious, and had a great feeling about it. (It's my own fault for not giving into an e-reader).

I was also a little jealous. It's funny how different I feel about books now that I have an unpublished novel waiting for a publisher to fall in love with it. I was jealous because I'm guessing she had an easier time getting a publisher because of who she is. I might be wrong though.

That being said, this book needed to be published. It was wonderful. It made me laugh, and made me tear up at times. It was a good book. I loved Franny (the main character). I loved her honest roommates. Especially Dan. If I wasn't already with the perfect boyfriend, I'd be wishing he was a real person in my life.

Also, not everybody can say Diane Keaton encouraged them to write a book. That made me smile.

Obviously, my jealousy soon evaporated. It was only a moment, and not a long moment because I'd rather love and be happy about something than have feelings of jealousy. I'm pretty sure acting is one of the hardest careers to start, and to have a successful career as well as write a fantastic book, is pretty impressive. 

Actually, I thought there were a couple of quotes in the book about the struggle of actors trying to get jobs that fit how I need to look at things, trying to get into the professional writer field. "You lost a job  you never had." Basically, if my first choice publisher says no (which is not going to be a surprise), I have to remember it wasn't mine to begin with. Mine will come.

The book was about Franny trying to get her acting career on track (and started) before her deadline. Once the deadline arrives, she's going to find another path in life. That part of the novel has nothing to do with comparing to my own life because I already have a job, I'm just hoping to get into the book writing field. I don't have a deadline (nor will I give myself one). 

It was set in the 90s, which is a nice change of pace. It made me miss the times when you are excited to come home and check your messages. I don't even have a home phone to answer anymore. I guess some of the surprises and expectations are taken away now.

The only thing I didn't love about the book was the ending. It didn't feel like an ending, but I guess that leaves it open for my imagination, and (maybe) a next novel. I felt so much chemistry between two of the characters, I wanted to see more of them. That isn't the point though.

I'm literally writing this 10 minutes after finishing the novel. That's why I have so much to say.

This book was my 'lunchtime reading'. I had to bring it home this weekend, and finish it. I couldn't wait until Monday. I wish I had kept it until my trip to Newfoundland. Looks like I'll have another book to talk about. I just have to pick one. C thinks it must be time to get back to the third Game of Thrones book. He's probably right.

So: long story short: good book. I recommend it to anybody, especially those fighting to follow their dreams.

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