Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bull Fighter By Roddy Doyle

First of all, this isn't one novel, it is a collection of short stories. This made it easier for me to read. I read a few, took a break, and then got back to it. I usually read one per lunch break. I had to speed it up a little when I realised it was overdue and I'd renewed it as many times as I'm allowed.

The theme was the same (kind of) through all of the stories. Each one was a different story about a man. Usually an older man (50 plus, maybe). Most times they remembered their pasts, sometimes stayed in the present, and occasionally looked to the future.

They were good. I'm sure somebody male and in that age range would relate more than I did. Some stories were funny, some were morbid, and some (one in particular) were a bit disturbing.

I've read Roddy Doyle before. Once again, if I could read it with an Irish accent, all would be perfect in my world.

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

I've said this before, but I'm not sure if I've said it in any of my entries on this blog. I LOVED My Sister's Keeper. Unfortunately, I read it first, and haven't fallen in love with another Jodi Picoult book in quite the same way. She's a good writer, and chooses topics that are wonderful.

I guess I just had really high expectations for all the books after My Sister's Keeper, and found myself disappointed.

This book -House Rules -was great. It was about a family -a mother and brothers. One of the brothers has Aspergers. It's a popular subject, but I'm not sure if it's popular because people are just finding out more about it, or it's a subject matter people are just interested in. I'll admit I am quite interested in this syndrome. Especially about Aspergers. It seems like probably more people have Aspergers than we probably think.

Off subject, if anybody has a chance to watch Mozart and the Whale -do. It's about the same subject. Although, I'm not certain anybody reads this particular blog.

I enjoyed House Rules -although, I figured out what was going on quicker than I would have liked. It seemed obvious to me what the end would be. I actually wondered if I'd read it before.

Anyway, I'm back on the loving Jodi Picoult books.