Wednesday, August 6, 2014

That Forgetful Shore by Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

Aug 6
It has taken me too long to write about this book.

I finished it in July.

First, I need to explain how I ended up buying it. While in Newfoundland, we were in A LOT of gift stores. I spent a LOT of money in Newfoundland gift stores. Something I noticed:  in every single gift store was the Newfoundland book section. It made me happy to see the support for local writers, and I knew I wanted to buy at least one book. Finally, I chose this one.

I'm so happy that I did!

Triffie and Kit were the main characters. Best friends that grow up in the same town. It was set in the 1900s, and one of them was able to leave and go to school while the other stayed in the town.

They wrote letters to each other, but each chapter showed a portion of the letter, and then focused on their separate lives.

I loved both characters, but was also angry at both characters at different times. They were honest about resentments they had, and I thought maybe they should just appreciate what they have. That being said, appreciating what you have is NOT real life. I also don't know what it was like to live in the 1900s in Newfoundland, but I would imagine it was not easy.

I would recommend this book to anybody.

However, the only thing I really want to say about this book is that I usually have a favourite character in all books. In this book it was not Triffie or Kit. It was Triffie's husband. I kind of thought he was wonderful, and I wished that Triffie could see him as I did.

That's it. Great book, great characters, and any book based in Newfoundland that describes the beauty of it is wonderful!

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