Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rescue by Anita Shreve

It took me a long time to read this one. I can tell how much I love a book by how quickly I read it. I did enjoy this one, but it was easy to put it down and forget about it.

I'm not sure that I've read anything else by Anita Shreve, but I have heard of her, and have always meant to read The Pilot's Wife.

She wrote this book from the point of view of a father. I always find it interesting when a woman writes from a man's perspective, or a man from a woman's perspective. I've tried it myself, and maybe should give it another go.

Either way she seemed to do a pretty good job. Although, I really can't say -I'm not a man, and don't know what or how they think about things. Would be nice to say we all think the same, but I don't think that's completely true. Everyone is different.

This book started close to the end, and then went to the beginning of the story, and back to the end. I'd say it actually skipped the middle. It's about a rookie fireman who falls in love with a woman who tries to love him back, but isn't quite ready to let go of her carefree life style. They have a daughter together, and she continues her carefree(ness) and also continues to drink. She ends up leaving the family, and years later we see him as a single parent raising his daughter alone. His daughter who is about to graduate high school.

Although a lot happened, it seems like so much was skipped at the same time. I felt bad for all of the characters. They all seemed lonely. I did enjoy the end. I was invested and wanted it to continue.

That's all I have for this one. Hopefully the next book I read will be quicker.