Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Second Chance by Harlan Coben

I was excited to read this book because if you've seen the other blog entries, I'm a fan of Harlan Coben. I've already written about one other book, but have read a couple more.

I enjoyed this book. It was another twist and turn mystery novel that doesn't really explain anything until the very end. I might read a couple more books and than try it again. Things just didn't seem to fit in the same way they usually do in his novels. I can usually see things coming -or guess why something was done the way it was, and in this book, things just kind of happened. I thought I had things figured out, and I didn't. I guess that's good, but I wasn't happy with this one. I still enjoyed it, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the others.

It's about a man trying to find out why he and his wife were shot at and left to die, and where his child is now. His wife died, and he did not. He's left alone to figure out who he can trust, and if he will ever see his baby girl again. As I write the plot, I realise how unoriginal it feels.

I will be reading more by him, and if I read this one again, I'll write about it again.

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