Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Before I start writing about the book, I just wanted to point out that for some reason, I'm unable to use Italics in the Title of my blog entry.

I finished this book before the weekend, but haven't written about it yet. Now I have two books to write about because I finished another over the weekend.

I bought this book before I knew it was turned into a movie. It always takes a little of the greatness away when I find out it's being turned into a movie. I guess because if I read it when it's just a book, I get that special feeling of finding it, and knowing that I can spread the news that everybody should read it. If it's a movie, people won't find it as important to read the book. Some movies have been done well, but in most cases, the book is always better.

Now to the book. I loved it. The only thing that I had trouble with was the fact that it wasn't true. I've only had this happen a few times while reading, and it's usually when the book is about something that seems like it could be true. This book was about the division of black and white in Mississippi. It's about how the maids are treated by their white employers. It's a great book, and it makes you think about how hard it really was. I was shocked at some of the rules they had about how the white people were to treat the black people. (this part was true, as I read the message from the author at the back.)

Kathryn Stockett grew up with a black maid, and although it's not about her maid, I'm sure that was a lot of the motivation. She was probably partially raised by this woman, and as a child did not see the unfairness. She obviously sees it now, and was able to write about it eloquently. It's a book about a book basically, and I guess I just wished that the book in the novel was real.

I will be suggesting this book to anybody I can because it's one of those books you like to discuss. (Which is one of the reasons I started this book blog.)

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