Saturday, September 17, 2016

After Alice by Gregory Maguire

September 17, 2016

Finished in January, 2016

I've promised myself I would write one blog post tonight. I have about eight more books I need to talk about, and I have to update my writing blog as well. However, one post at a time. Slowly but surely, I am getting back into life, reading, and writing.

Side note, after Anthony was born in May, I realised that it wasn't easy holding a book while nursing. So I downloaded audio books. It almost feels like cheating, but I love it, and it's gotten me back into the world of books. I'm getting so many more books 'read'.

Now for a book I read so long ago that I probably don't remember anything.

I don't have a picture of the book, so here's one of me in front of big books.

After Alice 
by Gregory Maguire

I wanted to love this book. I wanted to love it because as far as I can remember, I loved Alice in Wonderland. I also expected the book would be great because I love other books Gregory Maguire has written. (Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister) (Mirror Mirror) (And More...)

I just didn't like this one. I felt the book was unnecessarily complicated.

My favourite story line was Alice's sister. She wasn't in the rabbit hole, just dealing with life outside the hole. The rest of the story annoyed me for the most part.

With his other books, we see things from a different perspective. Same story, but instead of it being from Cinderella, it's from her not so evil step-sister (or whichever altered fairy tale you're reading). 

This time, he added a completely new character. I'm not sure who I was hoping the story would be about. One of the Queens maybe, or the rabbit. Anybody really. This was just some strange girl with a strange life who was trying to help weird Alice out. 

I have read his books more than once, but this one, I gave to my sister and let her know I didn't need it back.

Just a quick note about that, my sister liked it.  I can't remember what she liked about it (because I read it a million years ago), but she did. I'm sure other people did as well. This was simply my take from the story.

I'll keep reading his books if he writes more. I love his themes and ideas, this book  just wasn't my favourite.

Until next time. (Hopefully soon.)

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