Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

October 21, 2015

Sandra Brown books have been my guilty pleasure for years. I started reading the romance (sex) novels when I was a teenager. They are easy reads. Everybody needs the easy read books.

Her books transitioned from her earlier work of strictly romance to more crime dramas or something with a bit of mystery. Of course - she still has the romance and sex. I still find them easy to read, and I always enjoy them. I like them better now, that they have more substance. 

Play Dirty by Sandra Brown

This one seemed different than some of her others. The story was less romance and less mystery at the start. 

The biggest mystery for me was the characters I knew would eventually get together. (You always know in Sandra Brown books). I didn't know how they'd end up together when she was married to a devoted man.

I also didn't really find their love story to have any romance at all. The story isn't romantic, and the way they got together wasn't romantic. I find it strange when a couple can fall in love without talking or having a conversation. I guess they had a connection deeper than talking (sex)? 

Either way, eventually, things started to unravel in the novel, so they could be put back together, and the explanations made sense. The mystery became a little more of a mystery to be solved. Kind of.

The more I write, the more I realise: I didn't love this novel. In the end, I did fall for the love, but the story was really disconnected, and they didn't explain or even try to solve a mystery until it was solved.

It was still a book I had trouble putting down (an e-book in my case), but I think I won't be reading it again. I've read better. I like the crime drama. I like the mystery. This one didn't really have all the things I love. 

Oh - and this is book 8 of the year. My goal was to read 13 this year. I'm behind by two books. And a bit embarrassed that I haven't read more than 10.

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