Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dead Rock Stars by Wes Funk

I really enjoyed this book. Wes Funk is a Saskatchewan author. (Also the third Saskatchewan author I've written about on my Book Blog).

I've been reading this book during my lunches. I finally got to the point today where I couldn't put it down. I stopped reading when lunch was over, and counted down the hours until I could get home and finish it.

It's a short novel, but was the perfect length for lunchtime reading.

I really liked it. I wasn't sure when I started reading it, but liked it more and more as I got through it. Being from a small town (but not a farm), I kind of understood a lot that he said about the small town in the novel. My situation was obviously not the same as his (anybody who has read this knows why), but I still liked the small town theme. 

It was about family; it was about lost love and new love. It was also about getting over loss.

I sometimes feel jaded when I read love stories (or a love story within the novel). I never see it happening like it does, but I know love does come quickly for others. 

This is going to sound terrible (and a bit like a plug, but it's not), but now that I've written my unpublished book, I see different things. I actually think the love interests were similar. As I was writing him, I kept wondering if he was too good to be true. I felt the same about this guy. 

Anyway, it was a good read, and it feels good to have finally finished a book. I've taken too long off from reading, and it feels good to get back at it.

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