Sunday, May 1, 2011

Caught by Harlan Coben

This was one of those books that I couldn't put down. It was an easy read, but still a great one. I think while I am trying to expand my reading, and give more time to the classics and literature, I also need to take the time to read books that are just as great. I love fiction, I always have. I haven't quite been able to get into science fiction, but maybe I'll add that to my 'must reads'.

Unfortunately, I didn't write this immediately after reading the book, so I can't share my very first impressions because I don't remember them. I've read one other book by Harlan Coben, and I really enjoyed it. I'll have to give it another read though because I can't remember the plot at all.

What I like about his books is the fact that he writes from all perspectives including female. Nicholas Sparks can write books that appeal mostly to woman, but Coben writes mystery novels from all perspectives, and I would assume that both men and women alike would appreciate his writing. I'll have to lend the book to my father (a fellow book lover), and to prove my theory.

I did lend this book immediately after I read it, to a coworker. I wanted to share it. I knew she reads mystery novels, so I offered her this one. She loved it as well, which I was happy to hear.

The book deals with so many different things. At the start, we see a sexual predator caught by a reporter, but don't know the whole story. Throughout the story, we meet new characters, and get new plot twists, and I spend the whole time trying to figure out what will happen next. I guess it's a bit like a movie in that way.

Either way, this book gets a thumbs up. Now, I have to get back to reading.

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